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A Servant's View

Life Below the Stairs

Mariah Greene
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Character Name: Mariah Greene, maid

PB: Norah Jones

Character's journal: mariah_greene

Character birth date: 12 January 1794, Age 21

Gender: Female

Marital Status: Single

Appearrance: Moderate height, dark hair. Her skin is tanning under the summer sun. Her face is deceptively sweet, her features fresh and innocent. She cares about clothes but thinks showing she cares about clothes is silly, so she wears whatever she can get and tries to wear it as well as possible.

Personality: Just because her sweet features are a lie doesn't mean she's cruel. Actually, she's a bit of a softie, but she'd be damned if she ever clued anyone in to that. She isn't particularly witty or funny, but she makes up for it with boldness. She's very protective of the people she cares for. She isn't bound by any sort of the of propriety, as she is confident the Hawthornes would not discharge her unless she did something horrible. As such, she doesn't really care what comes out of her mouth so long as she won't get in too much trouble for it.

Chidren, if any: None.

Occupation: Maid to Victoria Tilney

Strengths, Weaknesses, Personality Flaws: Mariah is one of those people who can value a trait in herself and loathe it in others- how bold a person is, how forward... She's quick to get into arguments and fights and absolutely despises it when people beat her to it (in her head, it makes sense). She isn't really violent by nature, she's just afraid of boredom. The moment she doesn't have anything to do is the moment her world falls apart.

She loves complaining, even about silly things, and she does it mostly for a listening ear. Her primary weaknesses are Victoria and the Hawthornes, whom she's come to look upon as her own family. As such, they see most of her worst traits, but also some of her best, and most of the trouble she gets into is because one or all of them have been slighted in some way.

History: Dr. Hawthorne was only too happy to help when her mother, Anne, a cook for the Hawthornes, fell ill and gave Mariah a job as a maid. When her mother died when Mariah was twelve (after just a few months of illness), Mariah stayed on and became friends with the Hawthornes' ward Victoria, who taught her to read and write so they could write notes to one another. Only a few months apart in age, the two doubled as playmates, and they would often step in as protectors for the children in London when bullies were around (Yes, Victoria got into scrapes, but never as many as Mariah).

Mariah isn't always quick on the uptake, but she's quick to defend people she feels are wronged. Sadly, there isn't much of that in Brambleton. Victoria might wait around for trouble to find her, but Mariah will go out searching for it. A romantic at heart, she's always up for adventure, though Victoria often has to do the thinking for her.

Mariah undoubtedly is more cynical of the world than Victoria, always suspecting people. She isn't bad at reading people, but oftentimes she doesn't know what they're doing. For instance, she knew her mother was hiding something, but she didn't know what; it turns out her father is not who Anne said he was, a soldier who died abroad, but Anne never got to tell Mariah (nor did she ever mean to).

Estate: Dalphon Mansion, Brambleton

This is a journal for the Brambleton Regency RPG. Norah Jones nor anyone else remotely interesting has anything to do with this journal.